Hiring a law firm

When the need for legal representation arises, it is important that the legal counsel has the highest legal competence.

Lawyers are qualified legal advisors and all belong to the Swedish Bar Association, which sets specific eligibility conditions for their members.

Education and experience

A lawyer has obtained a higher law degree at university. In addition, establishes requirements that the lawyer should have multi-year legally qualified work experience. The lawyer must also have completed the Swedish bar association exam.

continuous Learning

A lawyer must continually educate themselves and to the Bar imposes the requirement that every lawyer must report at least three qualified training days per year.

proper professional

For every lawyer in the Bar Association specifically set guiding rules of professional conduct. These rules, which are easily available on the net, sets a number of requirements and conditions for the lawyer to handle their work and relate to his client, his counterpart and courts and authorities.

Duty of loyalty

The foundation stone of the lawyer's profession is the absolute duty of loyalty to their own clients. This means in short that it is only the client's interests that the lawyer has to defend.


The law provides that a lawyer may not disclose anything that communicated to him in confidence by the Principal. This confidentiality applies to all persons employed by the lawyer.


Each lawyer is insured for the damage lawyer handling could lead to the client.


The lawyer is subject to the Law Society and the Chancellor of Justice oversight.

The above rules and statutory provisions apply only to members of the Swedish Bar Association and its employees

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